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2023 General Membership Meetings - Summary

The Federation is currently meeting on the 2nd Thursday

of each odd numbered month (Jan, Mar, May, etc)  unless something comes up!

Time: 7PM;  either virtually on ZOOM or in person 

at the Main Library on Goodwood. 

See each meeting date to determine meeting format and agenda

December:   No meeting scheduled,  enjoy the holidays and hope to see you again in 2024

Nov 9th  Topics discussed  This was a virtual annual meeting    Election of 2024 Board directors (we need a quorum or proxy for this item).  Directors unanimously elected include Steve Oivanki (Pollard Estates),  Steve Bradshaw (Village Charmant) and Harry Horton (Parkwood Terrace).   Additionally,  50th anniversary event,  proposed meeting structure for 2024,  what we plan to focus on for 2024,  latest status update from the Storwater Advisory Committee,  soliciting our members for 2023 Federation recognition award recepients and details about 2024 membership drive (how it will work and the timeline).  To view the meeting recording ==>  NOVEMBER MEETING RECORDING

Oct 12th  Topics discussed  This was a virtual meeting   Connie Betts,  from the DOTD presented the status of the I-10 widening project.   A link to the presentation follows:  I-10 WIDENING PROJECT PRESENTATION.   A number of questions were raised during the meeting.   Answers to those questions follow:  I-10 Widening Questions.   We debriefed the Sept 30th HOA Workshop,  and shared the outcomes of the Aztek Cove Economic Development District before the Metro Council.  There was an update on activities from the Stormwater Advisory Committee,  the  50th anniversary activities.  The members were  introduced to  the proposed candidates for the 2024 Board of Directors and a vote was taken on an amendment to our by-laws (both in person and by proxy).    Please see the the following link for the recording of the October meeting.    OCTOBER MEETING RECORDING

Sept 14th  Topics Discussed This was a virtual meeting   Update on the out of cart service that goes into effect on Sept 1st - homeowner feedback.  Status update on the flood risk reduction projects proposed during the Aug 30th Stormwater Advisory Committee.   Sept 30th HOA workshop update - structure and confirming registration process.   A lookback on our membership application, what we learned and changes for 2024 membership drive.  Board of Directors nominating committee announced - interest in becoming a Director will be solicited.  A discussion on a by-laws changes for 2024 for Board officers tenure will be introduced for a vote in October.   Feedback from recent meeting with the Mayor.   Quick update on the balance of the year meetings and 50th anniversary celebration.   To view a recording of the meeting,  please click on the following link:  SEPT MEETING LINK

Aug 10th  (no meeting scheduled at this time)   

July 13th  Topics Discussed   This is a virtual meeting   Items included an out of cart garbage collection discussion,  lead by Adam Smith (DES) and Sharon Mann (Republic Services) to share all the new requirements that will be in effect on September 1st.    The  results of the recent member survey on topics to be considered for the HOA Workshop scheduled for Sept 30th.   Update on 50th Anniversary activities and feedback from the recent Stormwater Advisory Comm meetings.    To view the recording of this meeting, please click  JULY ZOOM MEETING

Jun 8th  (no meeting scheduled at this time)   

May 11th   Topics Discussed  This is a virtual meeting    Items included Federation Recognition awards,  Stormwater Advisory Committee activities update,   HOA legislation update impacting HOAs,  50th service anniversary and the  FutureBR presentation by EBRP Planning Dept.  To view the recording of this meeting, please click MAY ZOOM MEETING

Apr 14   Topics Dicussed:   This was a virtual meeting  Items discussed include update on the Mar 23rd Stormwater Advisory Committee activities,  HOA workshop content,  SafeBR initiative,   2022 Financial Review results.   To view the recording of this meeting, please click this link:    APRIL ZOOM MEETING

Mar 9  Topics Discussed:   This was an in person meeting at the Main Library.   Discussion included our routine business items,  new membership application and use,  stormwater advisory committee update and input from our members,  50th anniversary planned events, 2023 Legislative session and bills impacting HOAs,  focus areas for 2023.   

Feb 9  (no meeting this month)

Jan 12 Topics Discussed Introduce the 2023 Board of Directors and Committee Chairs,  a Year in Review presentation, the Annual Operating Budget approval,  Membership kickoff and demonstration of our new membership application.   Click the following link to view a recording of the meeting.    


Ed Lagucki, President

(225) 315-1206


7515 Jefferson Hwy, #133

Baton Rouge,  LA 70806

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