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Admin Committee The purpose of this committee is to identify, understand and assess issues that the organization faces or activities that must be managed and to provide guidance, resources, priority and staff work for the board of directors to effectively and efficiently address.  

This is accomplished by:  

·       Providing administrative coordination of the board’s activities to ensure the organization is focused on the highest priority activities, consistent with our mission and meeting our customer’s expectations.   

·       Responding to a pressing Federation situation or request (occurring between board meetings) in a timely fashion, engaging the board members for input, decisions or approvals as required.  If the situation requires an immediate response, the President will consult appropriate members of the board and make the call – informing the board after the fact.  This will be the exception.

·       Vetting an issue and perform the necessary staff work to facilitate formal, full-board deliberations to ensure consistency with our mission.

·       Handling routine staff work that would otherwise take up the full board’s limited time and resources, providing for more efficient board and monthly member meetings.  


President - Ed Lagucki   (Chair)

Vice President - Sherry Guarisco

Secretary - Margrett Fels

Treasurer - Debra Simino


The Admin committee meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month,   1:30-3PM (virtually)


Ed Lagucki, President

(225) 315-1206


7515 Jefferson Hwy, #133

Baton Rouge,  LA 70806

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