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The Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations is an umbrella  organization representing homeowner, civic and condo associations located in East Baton Rouge Parish.  We currently have 111 member associations, representing the views of over 65,000 homeowners across the parish.   In 2023,  the Federation celebrated 50 years of service to neighborhood associations of East Baton Rouge Parish.

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2024 Legislative regular  session is over!

Please click the following web page link  2024 Legislative Dashboard - and see the status of legislation that potentially impacts our members.


Stay informed on current events through the Federation's Newsletters.  Click this link NEWSLETTER


No meeting in June, 

July 11th,  Next Member Meeting 

Please click the  MEETINGS   link for agenda details.


To be considered for membership, an organization must:

    • Be duly organized consistent with the purpose of homeowners associations;
    • Be in good standing with the Secretary of State for non-profits;
    • Represent single-family residential neighborhoods within the parish of East Baton Rouge;
    • Pay annual dues.


  1. Having a voice in the decisions that affect our communities;
  2. Being able to brainstorm with others to help solve common problems that challenge our communities;
  3. Utilizing the power of the group rather than going it alone;
  4. Opportunities to meet and work with our community and government leaders;
  5. Working to preserve and enhance the character of our neighborhoods;
  6. Learning new ways of effectively organizing and/or managing a homeowner or civic association.
  7. Members are encouraged to bring neighborhood problems to the attention of the group so that others who have experienced similar problems can assist. Networking between other homeowner/civic associations, and with the Guest Speakers, exemplifies our motto: “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”.


Ed Lagucki, President

(225) 315-1206


7515 Jefferson Hwy, #133

Baton Rouge,  LA 70806

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