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Federation Recognition Awards

The Federation annually recognizes either individuals or small teams from our member organizations who, through their action and efforts  have exemplified the mission of the Federation in our community.  We recognize both annual awards recipients and lifetime achievement award recipients.   A Community Impact Award may be awarded to an individual or small team who is not a Federation member,  but has made a significant impact on our member associations.   To learn more about all the  awards,  click the following link;   RECOGNITION

HOA Workshop Committee,  2023 Annual Award

Team Members (l to r)  Sherry Guarisco,  Debra Simino,  Angela White,  Margrett Fels

The HOA Workshop committee is being recognized for designing and managing the structure, content, logistics and implementation of the 2023 HOA workshop, a first for our member associations.   The team, lead by Debra Simino, spent about  4.5 months of pre-planning,  survey data collection,  workshop design, forum logistics, soliciting donations and finally execution.   The actual workshop had 70 members sign up for the 4 hour event which was held on a Saturday.  Participant feedback was excellent and numerous topics were gleaned for discussion at future monthly member meetings.

Economic Development District Challenge,  2023 Annual Award

Team members   Carolyn and Randy Rice,  Charles Perilloux (not pictured)

The Aztec Cove project development,  located on Highland Rd near CC of La,  had applied for an Economic Development District designation.  This designation is intended for economically depressed areas of town to allow for a portion of tax revenues generated within the district to be returned to the district for infrastructure improvements or enhancements.   In the case of Aztec Cove,   this area of town is not economically depressed and the  district only included the property boundaries of the proposed development - with no benefits to the greater public.   Randy, Carolyn and Charles rallied the surrounding neighborhoods along with the Federation and their Councilman,  Rowdy Gaudet, to successfully oppose and stop this proposal and potentially future un-justified districts in other parts of the parish.

HOA Legislative Task Force,  2022 Annual Award

Team members (l to r)  Roby Shields,  Margrett Fels, Jennifer Dietz, Adrienne Bowser, Gary Patureau and Sherry Guarisco.

The HOA Legislative Task Force is recognized for developing the strategy, expertise and resources needed to address pending legislation affecting HOAs and demonstrated solid leadership and immense tenacity in its response to the 2022 Legislation..

The Task Force responded to the unexpected filing of legislation in the 2022 Legislative Session that would have had serious consequences to Federation members and HOAs across Louisiana.  The team studied all the legislation, built a coalition of supporters across the state, seeked out legal/advocacy services, reached out to our members for funding to support the effort, created a webpage to keep our membership informed and was successful in minimizing the impact of the proposed legislation on our membership and demonstrated the value of the Federation as a stong voice for homeowners. 

Annual Community Impact Award,   

Jennifer Richardson - Keep Tiger Town Beautiful


Jennifer,  who leads the KTTB non-profit, is our first annual recipient of the Community Impact Award.  Jennifer provides leadership and motivates an army of 1000's of volunteers to regularly clean up troubled litter spots all around  the Baton Rouge area.   Volunteers have collected tons of litter,  doing their part to make Baton Rouge a cleaner city.

Mary Jane Marcantel2022 Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Mary Jane has been active in legal and law enforcement matters around the state and a community activist for the BR Historic and Downtown Districts and for quality of life for those with no voice.  She was a member of the 1st class of the Police Ambassadors program,  a co-author of a book on child predators,  the individual responsible for bringing the emerging problem of Short Term Rentals to the attention of the Federation and C-P as well as a subsequent member of the team developing the C-P ordinance.   Most notably,  Mary Jane co-founded a non-profit,  the Way Home,  working with the BRPD to aid homeless people in BR to obtain a bus ticket to help get them back to their home towns and families for work or treatment.  Mary Jane is formidable, persistent and fearless… all traits BR needs more of to acknowledge and address the challenges we face.


Drainage Committee, 2021 Annual Award

The Committee consisted of: (From L-R) Doug Daigle, Phil Fetterman, Monty McNutt, Sherry Guarisco, Margrett Fels, Charles Perilloux and Priscilla Head (not shown).  The members are being  recognized for their leadership in responding to the 2021 flood event in BR through the  development of a statement document to the City Parish leadership with recommendations to  address a decades old flooding problem.  Also, the committee demonstrated aggressive monitoring,  education and opposition of developments proposed in the Special Flood Hazard areas and  challenged the validity of a Parishwide development  moratorium that did not achieve any  measurable improvements.

La Stormwater Coalition, 2021 Annual Award

The founding members (L to R) Jeff Kuehny, Renee Verma, Marie Constantin and Kelly Hurtado established the La Stormwater Coalition.  A group of citizens who have organized to clean up litter from the lakes, waterways and wetlands of EBRP which had accumulated over multiple decades impacting stormwater quality and conveyance.  Building on the experiences of other municipalities, the team has proposed solutions to fund and maintain our watersheds for future generations to enjoy.

Elliott Atkinson, 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award

Elliott was one of the founding members of the Federation and served as Board President for a total of four years.  Elliott has provided countless hours of volunteer service to the Federation in the form of legal advice to Board members and numerous legal educational presentations to our member associations. Elliott also provides that rare institutional memory of over 40 years of involvement in the Federation.

Gary Patureau, 2019 Annual Award

Gary was recognized for his leadership on the 5G Task Force.  Gary was instrumental in organizing the Task Force,  educated our members, raising funding for legal defense and working with the City Parish and Service Providers to implement a new Citywide oridinance for the permitting of 5G small wireless facility towers in neighborhoods.

Robert Say, 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert has been a regular member of the Federation for some 37 years and served on the Board of Directors in various capacities for 20 years.  Robert has been the institutional memory of the Federation and is routinely consulted by the current boards to help reconstruct the logic and thinking behind policies and governance that were implemented decades ago.


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