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General Membership Meetings are held bi-monthly (either in-person or virtually) and open to our member associations, typically represented by the association's Authorized Delegate (AD).  Additionally, any individual belonging to a member association is welcome to attend. These meetings commonly feature guest speakers who share current City-Parish related topics of interest to our members or general educational topics.  For matters requiring a vote, one vote is allowed for each member organization in good standing (either by the AD or by their proxy).

Board of Directors - The affairs of the Federation, with several important exceptions, are managed by the Board of Directors. Those exceptions are that the Board is expressly prohibited from exercising any policy-making function, incurring any indebtedness, obligating under contract, or disbursing the Federation's funds except as has been specifically authorized by the Federation General Membership,  which is usually tied to the annual budgeting process.

Board members are voluntary positions and are elected at the General Membership Annual Meeting and serve 3 year terms.  Each year, the Board in turn elects the Federation's officers from among the Board's members:  Officers include: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

For detailed information about the governance of the Federation, please see its Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws


Ed Lagucki, President

(225) 315-1206


7515 Jefferson Hwy, #133

Baton Rouge,  LA 70806

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