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Who We Are

Filling a need for coordination between homeowner/condominium/civic associations and the local government, the Federation was formed to give member neighborhood associations a voice on key issues impacting them and to promote and enhance the opportunities for networking. How many times have you wished you had voiced opposition to a zoning change or new development or a proposed ordinance? Where do you turn to seek advice or whom do you contact for common problems like drainage, traffic, deed restriction violations, crime prevention or neighborhood blight?

Having a voice on these issues has a direct impact on home values and gives you an assurance that the government is providing good stewardship of your tax dollars. 

The Federation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit non-political organization incorporated on November 1, 1973 as an umbrella organization for local homeowner and civic associations.  Even today, there are only a handful of organizations like the Federation across the country. By serving in an advisory capacity to many governmental bodies, the Federation monitors planning and development activities in order to preserve the character and integrity of our member neighborhoods. Issues affecting neighborhoods are routinely shared with our member associations each month. The Federation communicates the needs and concerns of its members to our local government officials and assists with neighborhood problem resolution. 

The affairs of the Federation are administered by an all-volunteer Board of Directors and our members are dues-paying neighborhood homeowner/civic/condo associations.

To learn more about the Federation, click on the attached link for our association flyer.

FGBRCA Membership Flyer


Ed Lagucki, President

(225) 315-1206


7515 Jefferson Hwy, #133

Baton Rouge,  LA 70806

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