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2022 General Membership Meetings - Summary

​WHEN: Meetings held on the second Thursday of each month (except for December).

TIME: Meeting starts at 7PM and usually lasts 1-1/2 to 2 hours.

Where: We are still meeting virtually on ZOOM (and will likely return to the library in July)


2022 Meetings (monthly dates, upcoming topics & completed meeting summaries & links)

Nov 10 

Oct 13   

Sep 8  

Aug 11 

July 14   Tentative Topics: I-10 widening project and the impact of concurrent MovEBR infrastructure projects on the traffic control strategy - how will we get around Baton Rouge.  Rescheduled from May meeting at the request of Fred Raiford.  We are tentatively scheduling a return to the Library for this event and considering a broader public attendance

June 9    Tentative Topics:   Final update on the 2022 Legislative session and bills impacting HOAs.   Reaching out to PAR to see if we can get an update on the legislative session with respect to financials and any constitutional impactss.   Possibly a EBRP Litter campaign update.

May 12   Topics Discussed:  Shared an update on the ongoing legislation impacting HOAs,  provided a lookback at the progress being made on the May 2021 statement document to the City Parish on flooding solutions along with the new Drainage Dashboard and proposed updates to Chapter 15 of the UDC.   We introduced a topic entitled "Ask Ed" where all topics about anything HOAs is fair game to ask questions.   To view the Zoom meeting recording,  please click the following link:  May 2022 Meeting

Apr 14   Topics Discussed   Status update on all the 2022 Legislature bills impacting HOAs were discussed,   2021 Federation Financial Review report results were shared and highlighted upcoming Stormwater Masterplan Public meetings. To view the ZOOM meeting recording,  please click the following link:  April 2022 Meeting

Mar 29th  (Special Meeting):  Meeting to discuss 2022 Legislation Impacting HOAs.  Discussed 5 bills introduced in the 2022 Legislative session with direct impact to HOAs.   These were HB 9, 57, 52, 387 and  SB 109.   To get a copy of the presentation, click the following link:   Legislation Presentation.    To view the ZOOM meeting recording,  click the following link: Legistion Impacting HOAs meeting

Mar 10  Topics Discussed:  HNTB Stormwater Masterplan status update,  Status of City Parish drainage maintenance projects.  See STMP presentation link  Link to Stormwater Presentation coming shortly  and  2022 Legislative Session - bills impacting HOAs.  The following link to the:    March meeting recording

Feb 17  NEW DATE & TIME (6:30PM) - Zoom   Topics Discussed:  Crime Prevention in EBRP.   Guests speakers were Chief Murphy Paul,  Sheriff Sid Geautreaux (and several staff: Majors Todd Morris & Anthony Ponton) and DA Hillar Moore (unable to attend).  We asked each speaker to share their thoughts on what has contributed to the dramatic uptick in violent crime in the parish.   We also discussed what each organization is doing to combat this trend,  what are the obstacles your organizations face and what can we as homeowners do to be part of the solution.    In addition we discussed Federation business,  including membership drive and pending legislation in the La House of Rep.   To view the meeting recording,   please see the following link.   Feb Meeting recording  has been deleted due to size.  Contact Federation board for offline access.

Jan 13 Topics DiscussedIntroduce the 2022 Board of Directors and Committee Chairs,  a Year in Review presentation, the Annual Operating Budget approval,  2021 Federation Recognition awards,  Membership kickoff,  and Focus areas for 2022.  Click the following link to view a recording of the meeting.    Jan meeting recording  has been removed.  Please contact Federation board to access copy.