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Past Membership Meetings - 2019 thru 2013

2019 Meetings

Nov 14

Members enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and desserts before the meeting convened. After a review of the 2018, FGBRCA Treasurer Sarah Jeansonne presented the findings of the Financial Review committee (Ben Strong, Becky Doiron and Sarah). All records were in order. A report on the 2019 YTD financials was also presented.

Voting was held on the Federation’s Privacy Policy, Nominees for the Board of Directors, and on restructuring of current membership dues. The Nominating Committee recommended Sherry Guarisco (Central Highlands) and Monty McNutt (Old Jefferson) for 2-year terms and Roby Shields (Hidden Oak) for a one-year term replacing Director Doug Daigle. All (3) agenda items were unanimously approved by vote.

Gary Patureau gave an update on the 5G Task Force (, citing that the work of this committee was indeed a Federation success story. Results of the 1st membership survey were reviewed. Margrett (with Ed Lagucki on speaker phone) received input from the members on what they would like the Federation to address and focus on in 2020.

Authorized Delegates in attendance were then engaged in a drawing for a $100 cash award for their HOA/CA. Gary pulled the winning ticket, which was Park Forest East Civic Association, represented by Ms. Delores Newman.

Oct 10

Gary Patureau, former Federation President and Organizer of the 5G (Small Cell Tower) Task Force, a Federation committee, along with Attorney Sherry Morris, were Guest Presenters at the October 10, 2019 membership meeting of the Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations.

The 5G Task Force is assisting the city in the revision of the existing 2017 ordinance and the 2018 revision. They gave attendees an update on the work being done on behalf of member associations.

The revisions being proposed are more homeowner-friendly, and are now in the hands of the Parish Attorney, where they have to be signed off by all city departments involved in the implementation. Some of the particular local ordinance changes being proposed are: more specific information on the applicant, sites (allowing neighborhoods to request certain locations), construction, safety of radio-frequency radiation emissions coming from the towers, better notification processes, the appeals rights, fees telecom providers must pay, design considerations, repair and removal of poles, process, and working within the Federal “shot clock” for implementation. A November 2019 timeline is possible for the ordinance revisions to go before the MetroCouncil for approval.

Explaining that the first 2 goals of the 5G Task Force were to affect changes to the local ordinance, the next step is to focus on the work that can be done on a national basis, as many municipalities are already doing.

For more information on the 5G Task Force's work, please see:

The Nominating Committee (Sarah Jeansonne, Perry Musgrow & Gary Patureau) introduced the names of the persons who have agreed to serve as Directors. They are: Roby Shields, Hidden Oaks, Monty McNutt, Old Jefferson, Sherry Guarisco, Central Highlands, Ed Lagucki, Palm Hills, Andrew Kuyoro, Villa del Rey and Margrett Fels, Oak Brook. The vote for these persons will be held at the November 14th annual meeting.

The Federation's Privacy Policy was introduced and will also be voted on at the annual meeting.

Ed Lagucki, 1st Vice-President and Membership Chairman, introduced the proposal to restructure membership dues based on number of lots, to provide for more equittable dues tiers.  

This proposal will be voted on as well at the November meeting.

Sept 12 & 26

The Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations hosted two (2) separate meetings recently on the proposed city of St. George. On September 12th, the proponents representing St. George, Attorney Andrew Murrell and Co-Chairman, Chris Rials, gave their presentation, citing high crime rate, inefficient use of taxes, drainage problems from deferred maintenance, poorly performing schools and the exodus of residents from EBR Parish, as the reasons for the creation the City of St. George. The financial budget projections which were presented showed more revenue than expenses.

On September 26th, ME Cormier, Executive Director of One BTR, along with LSU Alumni Professor of Economics and Public Administration, James Richardson and Jared Llorens, LSU Professor in the Department of Public Administration, presented their budget study, an independent evaluation of the estimates revenues and expenses for the proposed City of St. George, explaining that the conclusions drawn from their data differed from that of the proponents,indicating that there would be a budgetary shortfall.

A recent Federation member survey identified financial and budgetary information on the proposed city as their biggest concerns. The two (2) St. George Forums were designed to allow both the proponents and opponents to present their case before the attendees. A question and answer session ended each session.

Aug 8

The Flood of 2016: Then & Now was the theme of the August 8, 2019 meeting.

Speakers were Paul Sawyer-Chief of Staff for

Congressman Garret Graves, Pat Forbes-Executive Director of the Office of Community Development, Dietmar Rietscher-Executive Director of the Amite River Basin Commission, Fred Raiford-Director of Transportation and Development, Kyle Huffstickler-Director of Department of Maintenance and Melissa Kennedy-P.E. with HNTB Engineering Consulting.

Mr. Sawyer announced the US Army Corps of Engineers flood-control projects underway or in the planning stages. Mr. Forbes explained how collaborative partnerships with neighboring States and Parishes, along with data-driven management and a science-based understanding of the risks, will reduce both coastal and inland flooding. Mr. Rietscher gave an overview of the Amite River Basin Commission and an update on the Comite River Diversion canal. Melissa Kennedy presented a PowerPoint on the status of HNTB’s comprehensive storm water master plan. Mr. Kyle Huffstickler discussed both manmade and natural drainage issues. Fred Raiford informed the group about EBR Parish receiving funding from the Hazard Mitigation Program.

Jul 11

5G Small Cell Tower Task Force

Gary Patereau, Organizer of the 5G Small Cell Tower Task Force, along with Attorneys Jim Bradford and Sherri Morris, Attorneys, and City Parish, attorneys Greg Rome and Davis Rhorer, Jr. gave a status update on the group’s activities. Efforts are focused on enacting responsible legislation in the erection of small cell wireless facilities, including the concept of a preferred location plan for subdivisions. Funding goals needed to accomplish the goals were discussed. Gary introduced Alison Paz, who created the Responsible 5G website, and explaining the ways to access information.

Mr. Gissell described the City-Parish’s collaborative efforts with the 5G Task Force and the Federation to get to an ordinance that addresses homeowner concerns. City attorneys Rome and Rhorer presented some updates on their research on how other municipalities are responding to the 5G implementation in their locales.

A lively discussion ensued concerning the health aspects of this technology.

Jun 13

Addressing concerns about the erection of 5G small cell towers throughout residential communities, the Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations hosted a collaborative meeting with the 5G Small Cell Tower Task Force on Thursday, June 13, 2019 at the Main Library. Presentations by Gary Patureau, Organizer of the 5G Small Cell Tower group and Ed Lagucki, Federation Board Director, provided information to the attendees on the the history and issues related to the current plan of implementation of these towers in City Parish Right of Ways. Concerns addressed included: devaluation of property values, proper notification, aesthetics, location, densities allowed when other cell providers come into the market, health risks, and safety. The two groups are addressing these concerns by calling for the City to revise a 2017-'18 ordinance governing the deployment of the cell towers.   

May 30

The Federation held an Educational Forum on Thursday, May 30, 2019 at the Jones Creek Library for the purpose of obtaining facts on the history, implementation, and options available

to residents relative to FCC order 18-133, which addresses the erection of small

cell wireless facilities. Nearly 200 people attended this meeting. AT&T is only service provider to date erecting small cell towers, some of which are in front of residential properties. Concerns voiced by residents in attendance were about aesthetics, property devaluation, safety, and radio

frequency radiation risks emitted from the small cell towers.

Apr 11

Mr. Adam Knapp, Chief Executive Officer of the Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce, discussed the proposed new Mississippi River Bridge, which is being touted as part of the solution to the city's daily traffic gridlocks. The funding streams being considered to cover costs, including taxation increases, will be identified, as well as the timeline for Legislative approval, construction, and completion. He also discussed the issue of blight and re-development efforts in North Baton Rouge. 

Mar 14

Nancy announced that Doug Daigle (High Woods Civic Association) will replace the unexpired term of Board Director, Jason Jacobs. Then Mr. Kelvin J. Hill, Mayor’s Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, and Mr. Darrell Gissell, the Mayor’s Chief Administrative Officer, were introduced. Mr. Hill gave an overview of the 2019 initiatives designed to increase effectiveness in DPW in the areas of operations, 311, Permitting, Drainage, Blight and managing MoveBR.

Mary Jane Marcantel, Secretary of the Historic Spanish Town C.A. (HST.) addressed the issue of Air B&B’s in HST. She gave a brief history of the problems that beset HSP 25 years ago, and the efforts taken to clean up blight, abandoned homes, parking, crime, etc., to the present where it has a Historic District designation and the work being done to enact more local legislation to protect property values. Work is being done to enact more local legislation to protect property values.

Feb 14

Sarah Jeansonne of Centurion Place HOA addressed problems with real estate development, such as infractions regarding setbacks and fill dirt;

Bill Gibson representing Audubon Terrace/Morning Glen HOA discussed the implications of traffic and drainage associated with a new development;

Margrett Fels discussed how to access and apply the city's Unified Development Code when addressing the Planning Commission or the Metro Council;

Bob Harper of Riverbend HOA gave information on how to form a Crime Prevention & Improvement District, along with an explanation of how they function;

Ed Lagucki introduced the Federation's new membership survey, a tool for members to communicate the issues of importance to their homeowner/civic associations.

The Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations, a 46-year-old 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, exists to improve the quality of life for homeowners in EBR Parish by representing citizens and neighborhoods on issues impacting their special areas, all for the betterment of our communities, with the goal of preservation of property values.

Jan 10

Guest Speakers were City Parish Director of Information Services, Eric Romero and Geographic Information Services (GIS) Manager for the City, Warren Kron.  

They explained the topics of civic engagement through Open Data, on the City's website,, and other digital initiatives.

The city's 20-year old website was replaced and the GIS platform expanded. GIS is a highly integrated program whose capabilities have been recognized as some of the strongest and most advanced in the the southern United States.  

Baton Rouge has been named as one of the Top Ten Digital Cities in the USA for the past 4 years for digital programs such as Open Data, Open Checkbook BR and Open Neighborhood BR.  

The goal of providing more transparency in government, information such as maps, applications, 311 service request status, permits, election results and even road closures, is achieved through the GIS portal.  

Of particular interest was the Storm Water Management section that contains water shed maps showing gauges that record stream levels.  

Mr. Kron stressed the importance of filling out the 2020 census forms, as this means more Federal money to the State's coffers.  

The Federation's 2019 membership survey was debuted. It will identify the top issues members feel are of concern to their Homeowner or Civic Associations and identify areas where the Federation can best help the Association.  


Nov 8

Guest Speakers were Becky Bond, the Federation's Information Technology person, who reviewed the updates and changes to the organization's website,; Cyndi Pennington, Traffic Engineer with the City of Baton Rouge and Attorney Elliott Atkinson- Legal Advisor to the Federation

Ms. Pennington gave an update on how the new schools being built in EBR Parish will accommodate student drop-off and pick-up, preventing “stacking” of vehicles on roadways. The goal is safety of the children, bus drivers, school staff, and all motor vehicle drivers.

Attorney Atkinson presented a Free Legal Advice Seminar addressing matters of concern to local Homeowner and Civic Associations, such as property liens, violation of Deed Restrictions, and other issues which impact property value. Attendees asked questions specific to issues facing their respective homeowners or civic associations.

Oct 11

Baton Rouge Mayor Sharon Weston Broome, Asst. Chief Administrative Officer, Rowdy Gaudet and Fred Raiford, the city’s Director of Transportation and Drainage, explained the impact of a 30-year, half-cent dedicated sales tax, which is estimated to generate $912 Million Dollars from bond sales. The Mayor and Mr. Raiford stated that the tax will be dedicated revenue to fund new infrastructure enhancement projects, a traffic mitigation plan, and is expected to create jobs, save travel hours and time for residents, along with a positive impact on the local economy.

The speakers took questions from the membership.

The Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations, a 45 year-old 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, functions in an educational and advisory capacity to local homeowner and civic associations. Important issues affecting all neighborhoods and aimed at protecting property values, are always part of the Federation’s speaker choices. Single-family homeowner associations are invited to join.

Sept 13

Kathy Kliebert, former Secretary of the LA. Department of Health and Human Services, and now Chair of The Bridge Center for Hope, provided information on the proposed facility, which will be used to stabilize adult patients in East Baton Rouge Parish who have mental health issues and/or substance abuse problems.

She stated that the Baton Rouge facility would be modeled after a successful one in San Antonio, Texas. Designed to save lives impacted by mental health or drug/alcohol addiction, it will assist any individual in a mental health crisis situation. As Baton Rouge currently has no such facility, she said that implementing such a crisis intervention / detox center would allow law enforcement officers to divert people with behavioral health issues to treatment, instead of to jail. Ms. Kleibert stated that funding for the project would come from a 1.5 mill property tax, which will be included on the December 8, 2018 ballot. Federal funding will also be sought.

Suzy Sonnier, the Executive Director of the Baton Rouge Health District, provided an overview of the Baton Rouge Health District project, highlighting the progress of collaborations underway among some of the area's largest healthcare organizations. Modeled after Best Practices around the country, the Baton Rouge Health District grew out of one of the goals of FuturEBR, the city's master plan for growth and development.

The Baton Rouge Health District is a non-profit coalition of patient-focused, innovative healthcare organizations committed to the vision of a world class, high performing health destination in Louisiana's Capital City. The District promotes collaboration among healthcare providers, government officials, payers, higher education institutions and others to implement a master plan that will enhance both healthcare and economic development in Baton Rouge.

Ms. Sonnier gave updates on the progress of collaborations underway among major health organizations to improve health outcomes for citizens, while generating economic development for the city. Plans include building a 4-year medical school, diabetes and obesity center, women's health services and a 7.4 mile "health loop", connecting to existing BREC paths, all aimed at lowering the costs of chronic illnesses. Improved infrastructure is planned to alleviate traffic congestion for those needing to access these healthcare services.

August 9

Guest Speakers:

HNTB, the company contracted by the city to conduct a 3-phase storm water management plan for the greater Baton Rouge area, provided a general overview of the scope of work they are performing for the city with the goal of reducing flood risk.

Representatives from HNTB, Melissa Kennedy, P.E. and Bryan Jones, discussed findings from the completion of Phase 1 of the study. Data procured in Phase I will determine what the overall plan will encompass.

Fred Raiford, the city’s Director of Transportation and Drainage, and Kyle Huffstickler, City Maintenance Director, discussed how the city will use and integrate HNTB’s findings into their on-going maintenance operations. Information collected by HNTB will present options to the City regarding changes which can be made to prevent future damages due to drainage problems in EBR Parish. Reduction of flood risk with Federal funding was also discussed.


No Meeting.

June 14

The Director of the East Baton Rouge parish Library, Spencer Watts gave an overview of the

new proposed Rouzan Branch of the South Library; which is currently in the appraisal stage. It was noted that the library system cannot pay more than the appraised land value and further stated that the landowners may donate the needed discount on the value of the property.

Karla Swacker, Municipal Services Manager for Republic Services, addressed the city's residential trash pick-up system. Fee-supported at $23/residence, it picks up container and recycling trash and is considered a "Cadillac" system compared to other cities. $1.8 Million was spent to upgrade and modernize the Tom Drive recycling plant, however it doesn't include the handling of textiles. She informed the attendees about how to properly handle and dispose of the different types of trash and recycling.

Sherry Guarisco, representing Central Highlands, informed the membership of an issue involving business encroachment on a section of Historic Highland Road up for re-zoning. Nancy reiterated the need for everyone to monitor the Metro Council and Planning Commission agendas to determine if anything near them might have potential impact.

May 10

Nicole Learson, a professional registered Parliamentarian, certified through the National

Association of Parliamentarians presented “Myth Busting 101: Robert’s Rules of Order”. Her interactive presentation engaged audience members in a manner that allowed them to better understand proper parliamentary procedure which is vitally important to conducting official business in an unbiased and fair manner.

April 12

Margrett Fels, Federation Secretary presented a synopsis of the Baton Rouge Health District, a Small Area Plan which encompasses Essen Lane to Bluebonnet and Siegen Lane. It builds on the FUTUREBR foundation to first establish a plan for the future with infrastructure investments, creating a connected network of major street/urban arterials to be able to access the new Health District, which will shape the growth of Baton Rouge supporting healthy lifestyles

Nancy Curry, Fed. President, reviewed the Land Use section of FUTUREBR. She pointed out that there are two uses of the word Character in the UDC. One is a legal term defining one of the four districts. The second refers to the characteristics or look of an Area that people recognize. She advised all in attendance to review the weekly Planning Commission agendas and identify developments near their subdivisions that may be requesting a change in present use or zoning, as zoning changes can change the characteristics of an area, and more importantly, such changes can have a “domino effect” on homes near the proposed development.

Ginger D’Antoni, from Santa Maria recapped the struggle Santa Maria residents experienced with Blue Bayou Water Park. She said homeowners need to educate themselves on the code to be able to successfully argue the points at planning commission meetings and urged residents to meet with developers/applicants at the onset to ensure clear understanding of existing residents needs and wants.

March 8

John Eustis of The Gulf Restoration Network (GNR) gave a very informative and educational presentation regarding the Amite River and its loss of floodplain which is in part due to the thousands of abandoned sand and gravel mines. The abandoned sand and gravel mines have caused the river’s water flow to increase as its natural curves were straightened resulting in river flow rate increases which caused the greater amount of economic damage during floods. GRN encouraged members to contact their legislators and ask them to appropriate money to remedy the problem as well as to sign GRN’s petition for same.

Warren Drake, Superintendent of EBR Parish Schools, outlined how the renewed $0.01 cent sales tax would be used which is as follows: 51% to building renovations, 8% to Truancy and Alternative Education programs and 41% to salary and benefits for EBR Parish teachers, to offer them a more competitive salary.

He also noted that EBR Parish currently have 10 National Blue Ribbon Schools, with several more planned in the proposed St. George area. (currently unincorporated Baton Rouge City Limits). The renewal of the 1 cent sales tax (in place since 1998) election will be held on April 28, 2018.

Darryl Gissel, Chief Administrative Assistant to Mayor Broome who heads the Mayor’s Blight Strike Team whose purview ranges from Blight Code Enforcement to Blight Court advised that the city/parish has seven Community Outreach workers who will assist with all reported blight problems.

Feb 8

Murphy Paul, Chief of Police for the City of Baton Rouge stated that he is working to create policies to change culture and shape attitudes between the community and the police. He reviewed his 6 point strategy which is:

(a) to create a mission-focused organization to reduce crime, specifically the high murder rate in Baton Rouge;

(b) to use “Hot Spot Policing” for the 7% of individuals that cause most of the violence;

(c) to build trust in the police department through a vibrant community policing program;

(d) to cultivate integrity and accountability within the department;

(e) to create a plan for efficient use of technology and

(f) to communicate effectively with key audiences.

The Chief believes that this strategy will achieve the goal of creating safe environments for all residents of Baton Rouge. Additionally, there was much discussion about the use of technology and concerns about specific instances involving the BRPD. All questions, comments and concerns from the floor were noted by the Chief’s accompanying staff; attending with Chief Paul were Captain Windham & Deputy Chief Tweedy.

The planned agenda item of the pro’s & cons of using credit cards to pay for Home Owner Association, Civic Association and the Federation’s dues was raised for discussion. Of those in attendance, it was determined that only two of our affiliates accepted PayPal as a method of payment for annual dues.

Noted that information relative to establishing PayPal accounts were discussed with attendees.

Jan 11

The Federation’s Drainage Committee presented its recommended revisions to chapter 15 of

the UDC titled “Floodways, Floodplains, Drainage and Erosion” which received member approval after review of the changes.

Delivery date for submission is on or before January 12, 2018 for consideration.

Adam Smith from Republic waste management advised that Baton Rouge renewed its contract for another 5 years. He further explained what would be disposed of via their service related to the 2016 flood as many people are still in the process of rebuilding.


January 12

Ms. Nelle Fruge, EBR Parish Code Enforcement Manager, explained the procedure for reporting blight problems, noting that some code enforcement has been suspended by the Metro-Council due to the continuing negative impact on many residents by the flood of August, 2016. The number to call to report blight problems is “311”. Should the infraction not be cleared, the incident may result in a lien being placed on the property which must be paid through property taxes. Ms. Fruge stated that approximately 31,700 homes were flooded in August, 2016, representing 56% of the homes in EBR Parish.

Don Frattini and Mike Hayes delivered a slide presentation on the impact of State Legislative House Bill 51, regarding the application of the Louisiana Sales Tax on Homeowner and Civic Associations with entertainment or recreation facilities being rented or used by non-members is due to go into effect in the 2nd quarter of 2016. Although HB 51 was changed back to the original content, a question remains as to whether or not some HOAs/CAs that charge non-resident guests to use their facilities would be liable for the taxes as this is income/profit.

February 9

Ms. Tessier, Community Outreach Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity, explained the purpose and function of that organization. Baton Rouge is in the top 45 cities nationwide in homes built by them. Inner Wheel raises money for non-profit organizations, such as St. Vincent de Paul Hospice, ALS, etc. Their upcoming events were announced.

Adam Smith, EBR Department of Environmental Services, introduced Ms. Scozzafava and Mr. Snow, who were retained to conduct a study for the EBR Parish Solid Waste Strategic Planning and Procurement. They explained the process for funding of the services, stating that the current contract expires February 18, 2018. Their task is to determine what the public needs from a solid waste disposal standpoint. Members attending were able to fill out their survey concerning desired services.

March 9

Carrie Broussard, City Parish Planner/Planning Commission, explained changes to the FuturEBR plan, especially those regarding Land Use.

Eric Romero and Warren Kron, GIS Specialists with the City Parish, gave a presentation showing attendees how to use OPEN DATA and the GIS mapping component of the Ctiy’s website ( They demonstrated with their map showing crime statistics by area.

April 13

Ms. Maimuna McGee, City Parish Attorney, discussed the intricacies of how to create a “No Solicitation subdivision”.

May 11

Dr. Chandra Theegala, LSU Professor, gave a detailed Power Point presentation relative to the flood of August, 2016. He defined the basic terms and concepts regarding storm water management, such as watershed, wetlands, flood plain, Riparian zones, etc. He drew distinctions between the terms as they relate to drainage issues.

June 8

Nancy Curry, Federation President, announced that the City Parish has issued a waiver of certain ordinances which prohibit parking of mobile homes in A-1 residential neighborhoods and the parking of cars in front of a residence on the grass. The waived ordinances were in response to a temporary emergency request to aid the recovery effort for victims of the August, 2016 flood. Homeowner and Civic Associations may still enforce their subdivision’s restrictions, however the City Parish cannot interfere with these private contracts between homeowners. A Notary has to draw up a document expressing the acknowledgement of the person requesting a waiver that the prescription period will not run so long as the City’s waiver is in effect.

Ms. Curry also reported on the 3-day seminar, Safely Share the Road, which she attended. It was sponsored by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development as part of the Regional Planning Commission. She presented a Power Point slide show which highlighted ways for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists to safely share road space.


No General Meeting held.

August 10

Bill DeVille, Chief Executive Officer for the Capital Area Transportation System (CATS), has been in office since October, 2016. He outlined his vision and plans for CATS, which includes bringing Baton Rouge’s mass transit system, up to speed in the next 3-5 years to keep up with the changing demographics of EBR Parish.

Mary Manheim, retired LSU Forensic Anthropologist; Coleman Brown, Architect with Coleman Brown & Associates; Becky Bond, Construction Project Management company owner; Dr. Rodney Hendrik, LA. Urban Storm Water Coalition; and Chauna Banks, Metro Councilwoman, District 2; spoke in opposition to moving the BREC Zoo and challenging the data in the “Friends of the Zoo” report.

NOTE: Phil Frost, Zoo Director, and BREC Superintendent Carolyn McKnight, as well as board members of the BREC Zoo were invited to attend and declined.

September 14

Susan Teddlie, President of Magnolia Woods Civic Association, and Attorney Scott Frazier of the law firm, Kracht & Frazier, presented a case study on “How we filed suit against the City”. The suit involved the City allowing Mount Hope Plantation to enlarge developments on this historic property based on outdated plans.

Mary Stewart and Jeff Mohr alerted members to a developer’s intent to build 425 homes in an area which was almost totally flooded in August, 2016. The adjacent subdivision, Country Manor, fears drainage and traffic problems will result from this development.

Ms. Lynn Maloney, a member of the Complete Streets Committee (CSC) along with Federation President Nancy Curry, explained the function of the Sustainable Transportation Action Committee (SATC) and their cooperative endeavors to make Mid-City a Complete Street community, providing equal transportation options in a safe manner. Research-driven data addressed safety issues and included records of accidents, income and age. The Federation is a member of both the CSC and SATC and is represented by President Nancy Curry.

October 12

Paul Arrigo, Chief Executive Officer of Visit BR, explained the work and events which are promoted to increase business through local tourism. Mr. Arrigo explained the proposition on the upcoming November 8th ballot to increase the hotel tax paid by visitors. The tax would only be paid by those who stay in local hotels and amount to an additional $1.50/night. This increase in tax is supported by both the Baton Rouge Lodging and the LA. Restaurant Associations. A portion of the tax will go to Visit BR to support its promotional efforts and a portion will be used to upgrade Cane’s River Center.

Elliott Atkinson, a local attorney and one of the founders of the Federation, addressed deed restrictions. There is a 2 year prescriptive period which applies when a person breaks a neighborhood’s deed restriction. If the HOA/CA doesn’t act within that time period, it cannot be enforced on that person. Federation President, Nancy Curry, asked Mr. Atkinson to draft a Waiver of Prescription. This document would acknowledge that a HOA/CA allows a homeowner to acknowledge that their deed restrictions is not running on him as long as the city’s waiver is in effect. Mr. Atkinson gave a “Free Legal Advice” seminar, answering many questions from the floor.

Tara Wicker, Metro Councilwoman-District 10, provided details on the Community Ambassador Program, whose goals are to increase dialogue between residents and the police and in doing so, to bring about healing in the city in the aftermath of the Alton Sterling shooting. LSU, Southern University and BR Community College collaborated with Councilwoman Wicker on the best way to gather and use the data needed. She in interested in gathering public input. The plan will then be presented to the Metro Council for approval.

November 9

Dwight Hudson, Metro Councilman, District 9, addressed the purpose of the proposed changes to Chapter 15 of the Unified Development Code (UDC). He stated that the idea is not to hamper real estate development, but to create a responsible, resilient landscape. He also explained that HNTB, the firm contracted by the City to conduct a Master Storm Water Management Plan, will offer recommendations to revise the UDC based on data from the August, 2016 flood. Their report should be ready in about 2 years and will assist the City in managing the federal funds for better flood control.


No General Meeting held.


Jan. 14

Christopher Kersey , the manager of the Highland Road Park Observatory shared suggestions on how to have light in your yard without its negative effects. While we all want to use our lights for protection at night, we ought to also be aware of the possibility that we may be shining them into the bedroom of our next door neighbor.

Sarah Holliday-James, a certified parliamentarian, was our speaker. Since we have added a “Crime Prevention District” Committee to our organization, Sarah went over the parliamentary formalities that we all need to follow. This is particularly important in these districts in particular. The keeping of accurate minutes is very important as these are created under State Statutes and must follow state law.

Feb. 11

Elliott Atkinson addressed concerns about some HOAs not understanding the complexity of trying to join with other HOAs to form one huge organization. There are varying dues, liabilities, insurance, deed restrictions, architectural restrictions, ownership interests, etc.

Ashley Michel of the EBR Library staff addressed how to go about setting up an Excel spreadsheet. This is helpful in keeping good accounting records as well as membership records.

March 10

Meeting cancelled due to weather. The Great Flood of 2016.

April 14

Lauren Marschall from the Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX) had a presentation on Better Block Perkins Overpass. She showed the possiblities that can be done to make that area a more attractive and safe place for people to move through using the modes of transportation that are currently being used, i.e., walking, biking, personal vehicles, and public transit.

Eric Romero, Information Services (IS) Director, and Warren Kron, Georgraphic Information Services(GIS) Manage explained how to use the new technology the city is providing. The city has added property tax records which it will now receive regularly from the City Tax Assessor. Additionally, the city has a 311 app you can use to report problems immediately by cell phone.

May 12

Mr. Larry Latuso, a CPA with Score, explained the impact of the new Legislation on imposing sales tax on HOA’s. …“one of the specifically enumerated services subject to sales tax is the furnishing, for dues, fees, or other consideration, of the privilege of access to clubs or the privilege of having access to or the use of amusement, entertainment, athletic, or recreational facilities”… things that make a profit for an HOA.

June 9

Mr. Randy Zaeth and Mr. Mike Morganti with the East Baton Rouge Mosquito and Rodent Control explained the dangers of West Nile and Zika. These have been in the news a great deal lately and the parish tests for the presence of these viruses. They also explained what all of us can and should be doing to lessen the mosquito’s ability to reproduce and spread them.


No Meeting

August 11

All the candidates running for mayor-president of East Baton Rouge parish were invited to participate. After a brief introduction by the 10 candidates, a series of 4 questions were asked and the candidates had 1 minute to respond. The order of answer was determined by a draw. Questions concerned dedicated taxes, lack of enforcement of city ordinances, correcting drainage problems before allowing construction in a problem area and more real public input in ordinance revisions. The candidates then met with the audience members.

Sept. 8

A forum for the candidates for Metro Council seats was held. All the candidates running for Metro Council District seats of East Baton Rouge parish were invited to participate. Of the 42 candidates running for a seat, 31 participated. Each candidate had one minute to introduce themselves and their goals for EBR Parish. President Nancy Curry asked each candidate to respond to a two part question regarding the recent parish wide flooding: 1. Even if we ignore this seemingly rare recent flooding, please explain your thoughts on solving our drainage problems which we very obviously have had for quite some time. And I am referring to the Comite Diversion canal. 2. Would you be inclined to vote for or against a development that will increase water runoff in an area that already floods from a plain old typical Louisiana rain? The candidates then met with participants and answered individual questions.

The speakers were: 

Chris Keaton, Deputy Budget Analyst, LA House Fiscal Division - Mr. Keaton gave a presentation on the fiscal status of the State. We receive 12 billion dollars from the Federal government, 4.3 billion from Sales taxes, 3.1 billion from Income taxes and 3.1 billion for statutory designations

Oct. 13

Congressman Garret Graves, 6th District - spoke about the transportation problems in Baton Rouge. He said we have the 3rd worse traffic problems in the nation. One of the solutions is to close the Washington Ave. exit to establish new traffic patterns. A new Task Force established by Governor Edwards, will study budget and traffic problems. One possible solution is an increase in gasoline taxes.

Ron Henderson of the Department of Insurance Consumer Advocacy Division - said the Insurance Department has limited jurisdiction on flood insurance. Only 13% of the population has flood insurance which can be purchased separately for structure and contents. 

Carolyn McKnight, Superintendent of BREC - discussed the BREC Trails which are part of the Capital Area Pathway Project, CAPP, which is an initiative to identify routes and build a network of trails and greenways throughout East Baton Rouge and surrounding Parishes

Christopher Kerney, manager of the Observatory at Highland Road Park which is part of BREC - informed the audience about the Observatory and how they will do an Astronomy Outreach for HOA’s to demonstrate and keep light pollution minimized. More information will be forthcoming.

Nov. 10

Walter Monsour and his team explained the Green Light Plan II that is on the December ballot. The Federation takes no position on any tax, but in the interest of giving members some information on what it does and does not do, we allowed them to have some time to explain it. The Federation always wants our members to have enough information to make informed choices. A schedule of meetings across the parish which the public can attend for specific information was given members through our website and the city’s website.


No Meeting


Jan. 8

Speakers included Frank Duke, Planning Director for EBR Parish, who spoke on his proposed revision to Section 8.201 of the UDC. He also explained the upcoming restructuring of the UDC. Jennifer Mayer, from CASA explained what they do and their need for volunteers. Josh Crowe Program Manager for SSO (Sanitary Sewer Overflow) explained their work upgrading the sewer system and how to be contacted when work will begin in various areas of the parish.

Feb. 12

Justin Dupuy, Code Enforcement manager with DPW explained how the city-parish’s Blight Court operates. He reviewed the various types of violations neighborhoods can report using the city’s 311 Call Center number. Carey Chauvin, Chief Building Official, explained how voters approved the splitting of DPW into six separate departments.

March 12

Eric Romero, Information Service Director, introduced the city”s “Open Data” website Mary Stein, EBR Assistant Library Director, and Andrew Tadman, Library Coordinator of Reference & computer Services introduced their new website:

April 9

Scott Shean presented “A Review of Options for Gating Lake Sherwood Acres.” Clifford Grout, First Vice President on the Federation’s board explained how to do research on the Legislature’s website for bills and statues. This is important particularly if you plan to create or have created a Crime Prevention District as you have state laws you must then follow.

May 14

Spencer Watts, the East Baton Rouge Public Library Director explained what the library system hopes to do if the Library Tax is renewed.

June 11

Reception at the Main Library celebrating the Federation’s new logo. The logo was designed to give the Federation a distinct recognizable image the public can quickly associate with us.


No Meeting, but two workshops were held to study the Ordinance Revisions listed on the Office of the Planning commission’s website: Character Areas and Map, Fee References, Floodways, Floodplains, Drainage and Water Quality; Landscape-Proposed Buffer Standards; Parking; Urban Design Standards; and Definitions.

Aug. 13

Gillis Morin, planning program coordinator; Ryan Holcombe, assistant planning director; and Frank Duke, planning director gave a general overview of ordinance revisions regarding Landscaping, design levels and parking in commercial, but not residential areas.

Sept. 10

The Federation hosted a Forum for the candidates seeking election to the Louisiana State House and Senate. Present at this first event were Metro Councilman Ryan Heck seeking a seat in House District 69, Metro Councilwoman Donna Collins Lewis seeking a seat in House District 61, and Antoine Pierce seeking a seat in House District 66. Also speaking was Justin Dupuy, with Code Enforcement. He explained the current definition of a “family” He also addressed to what extend someone can and cannot conduct a business in a residential area, and Parking. You may have as many vehicles as you can fit in your garage, carport, and driveway (driveway can only be the width of the garage/carport opening) up to the sidewalk/street. Parked vehicles cannot block the sidewalk. Parking on the grass in the front of a house other than in the above described driveway is not permitted no matter what surface you put down.

Oct. 8

Hosted the second half of our Forum for the candidates seeking election to the Louisiana State Legislature. Again… this was not a debate, but an opportunity to learn about each candidate’s platform and credentials/experience. There is nothing quite like having a face-to-face meeting with someone when you are deciding whether or not to support them with your vote. This also was an opportunity for present and future legislators to get to know about the Federation and what we do to maintain Baton Rouge as a great place for business to call home. Over these last two meetings we heard from 13 candidates.

Nov. 12

This last meeting of the year will include a wide variety of topics. Judy Young, a notary, will explain how to get a lien on a home when the owner does not pay the mandatory dues required in their deed. Christopher Kersey, manager of the Highland Road Park Observatory will address the problems with light pollution (light trespass, glare and sky glow). He will share suggestions on how to have light without the negative effects. Also speaking will be Warren Kron, GIS Manager for the City of Baton Rouge. The city is rolling out another research tool we all need to learn how to use. They were kind enough to volunteer to come and demonstrate its use. We will also have our election for positions on the Board and our Annual Report will be presented.


There is no meeting this month, but REMEMBER in January we will be permanently moving the meeting location to the Main Library where there is built-in equipment for PowerPoint presentations, Wi-Fi , a microphone, and better acoustics. The parking lot is paved and better lighted.


January 9

-Accounting procedures for Crime Prevention Districts

Feb 13

-Writing effective newsletters -- presented by George Morris, Advocate reporter

March 13

-Reception for new members

-Top Ten Things a Homeowner Can Do to Protect their Family and Property ... Home Security presentations by reps from BRPD, EBRP Sheriff, Vernon’s Hardware (doors, windows, lights and locks), Baton Rouge Police Supplies (personal security), and Custom Security (alarm systems)

April 10

-Baton Rouge's BLIGHT INITIATIVE with DPW's Carey Chauvin

May 8

-Presentation on FutureBR design levels by Janet Tharp

June 12

-Marketing your Association via use of computer

-Legal issues

-Parliamentary procedures

-Taking official minutes

-Non-profit status


-No meeting this month

August 14

-Captain Randy Aguillard (EBR Sheriff's Office) will present the latest annual report

-City ordinances regarding commercial signs in residential areas

Sept. 11

-Election of Nominating Committee

-"Amending Deed Restrictions" - Attorney Wade Baumgartner

October 9

-Nominating Committee's presentation of its list of Board nominees

-"Servitudes and How They Impact Homeowners" - Attorney Wade Baumgartner

-"Who Do You Call" - FGBRCA Board member Cliff Grout

Nov. 13

-Annual Meeting

-Board election

-"The Timing of Zoning Requests" - Frank Duke, Baton Rouge’s new Planning Director

-Complete Streets Vision & Policy Statement - 2014


-No meeting this month


January 10

-Learning parliamentary procedure

Feb 21

-Rollout of the Federation's new website - or

-Using Nextdoor to send free HOA email alerts

March 14

-BREC's upcoming survey solicitation: plan to participate, to tell BREC which park features you want (and do not want) at local parks

-Barry Meyer with The Arc - Baton Rouge: helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including opportunities for food donations and fruit-tree gleaning

-Announcement by LaTech Security: Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology in solving crimes - information meeting on March 19 at 10741 Coursey Court (near FedEx)

April 11

-Status update: SPUD 1-13 C2 Green Cottage Rental Community (Aquatic Club)

-Best Practices workshop -- programs, success stories, newsletters, communication methods, compliance practices, lack of yard care, trash, parking, etc.

May 9

-Presentation by GBR city attorney regarding definition of "single family"

June 13

-Crime Prevention Districts


-No meeting this month

August 8

-Q&A with veteran HOA attorney Elliott Atkinson

Sept. 12

-Accounting practices for HOAs

-Election of Nominating Committee

Oct. 10

-Crime Discussion - EBR Sheriff's Office

-Board Nominees

Nov. 14

-Annual Meeting

-Board election

-Troy L. Bunch: FutureBR:Past-Present-Future



-No meeting this month