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Federation Committees

The Federation achieves its goals and objectives through the efforts of a number of standing and ad hoc committees whose members are appointed by the President (except for the Nominating Committee). If you would like to find out more information about a specific committee or volunteer to serve, please contact the Chairperson of that committee.


Communications & Public Affairs Committee establishes policies to ensure that the General Membership is kept fully apprised of all Federation business. Committee members are responsible for maintaining the Website and Facebook pages. (Margrett Fels)

Membership Committee receives and reviews all applications for membership and reports its recommendations for action to the board. This committee manages programs for membership recruiting and retention. (Sherry Guarisco)

Governmental & Community Affairs Committee monitors pending governmental action and community matters affecting single-family homeowners in EBR Parish. (Ed Lagucki)

Admin Committee coordinates activities and manages staff work on behalf of the board of directors between meetings. The Admin committee consists of the Board officers. (Ed Lagucki)


Finance - Review Committee annually reviews the itemized account of all funds as prepared by the Treasurer and reports findings to the Board & Membership no later than March of the following year. (Monty McNutt)

Nominating Committee annually will solicit, contact, vet and recommend nominees for Board of Director positions that are expiring that calendar year. (Sherry Guarisco)


Drainage Committee focuses on reviewing and commenting on amendments to UDC Chapter 15 on flooding and drainage and monitoring the Planning Commission agenda for developments impacting the existing FEMA floodplain. (Margrett Fels)

5G Task Force is a group of Federation member associations who are working to address deficiencies with the current Small Wireless Facilities Ordinance. (Gary Patureau - Ed Lagucki).    This Task Force will sunset EoY - 2021)

Short Term Rentals (AirBnBs) Study Group established by the Metro Council to make recommendations for a parishwide ordinance to regulate STRs. (Ed Lagucki) .    This group will sunset in 2nd Qrt - 2022)

CPIDs (Crime Prevention and Improvement Districts) is a network of 31 EBRP home owners associations (15 of which are Federation members). The group meets to network and discuss issues of common interest. Network Chairman: (Bob Harper)

Blight focuses on defining activities to help address blight issues in our neighborhoods. (Angela White)

Other committees may be authorized by the Board, or by the Federation through its General Membership