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Small Wireless Facilities




The new Neighborhood Contact Registry will be demo'd at the December 2nd Member meeting. We will demonstrate this new web portal form and HOAs should take the opportunity to update their contact information.   Potential uses of the contact registry are:

  • 5G preferred location notification
  • Planning Commission case notification
  • MovEBR projects near your HOA
  • Permitting issues in your HOA
  • Stormwater & Drainage Projects near you HOA
  • Other future City Parish contact requirements


Once you have your maps ready to go,  send to Steve Shurtz =>  [email protected]

If your HOA board needs some additional help with the preferred location defining process, please don’t hesitate to contact Ed Lagucki, 225.315.1206 for assistance.

As it stands right now, there have been no additional permit requests made by the service providers—but that can’t last forever.

What should HOAs be doing in the interim?

HOA boards should be working on developing the preferred locations in their respective subdivisions. A document to explain a potential method to accomplish this is available above. See Preferred Location Document for HOAs in the useful links section above.   We have set an internal due date of December 31st to have your proposed locations to the permitting office.   You may always modify your preferred locations at some time in the future.